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Dart Energy: Coal Bed Methane

Dart Energy in Scotland is a team of people with varying backgrounds, qualifications and experience including geologists, drilling engineers, accountants and planning specialists. Most have been living and working in the area for a number of years exploring and appraising Coal Bed Methane or CBM.

What all have in common is a desire to deliver this natural resource into the national grid. We recognise the need for natural gas in the broader energy demand for the foreseeable future and are motivated to develop a domestic supply which reduces dependency on imported gas which can have a positive impact on price, UK income through tax revenues and jobs.

Talking of jobs, we have 26 people employed in Stirling, a mix of former Composite Energy people here since 2004 and new employees since the arrival of Dart Energy.

Not being an intensive industry, direct employment is not on a manufacturing scale. However, indirectly many local businesses help us in developing the natural gas. We have invested £40m in the last few years on operations around Airth, of which about half was spent locally. We recently awarded a multi-million pound contract to the engineering firm, Clark Eriksson, based in Falkirk who estimates this will employ 15 people for the duration of the contract.

We see ourselves as being an integral part of the community – people working for something they care about and providing for their families – not an in-comer: here today and gone tomorrow.

We have a track record of working as part of the community and will work hard to protect and enhance our reputation through steady, careful progress. We can’t be successful in business without being successful in our place in the community.

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